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Cleaning Services

The experienced, congenial, licensed, bonded and insured cleaning professionals at Carpet Cleaning San Diego are eager to use state of the art equipment and products to clean your home, office or car.

Please take a look at Carpet Cleaning San Diego services! Remember, if you live anywhere in San Diego, CA we've got you covered. Using our services you can be totally assured that you're getting the very best.

Cleaning Services Offered:

Green Cleaning

Truck mount cleaning machines, so powerful they were once reserved only for commercial tasks, make quick work of practically any cleaning chore, including upholstery cleaning and carpet stain removal. These vigorous cleaning machines operate by harnessing the pristine cleaning power of steam, bringing the added advantage of environment friendly cleaning (green clean).

The use of green cleaning supplies and techniques is important not only for preserving our planet, but it's terrific for all around good cleaning and protecting your respiration, as well. Green cleaning, which utilizes specialized cleaning methods and products, is critical in environments frequented by young children, the elderly, or people with respiratory sensitivities.

Steam Cleaning

It is a common fact that when home cleaning with only natural cleaning product and methods such as steam cleaning instead of harsh detergents or chemicals, that can leave health-threatening vapors in the air, your breathe goes the distance. We are so happy to help in controlling allergies and asthma problems in homes we've made it our policy to use only natural cleaning products.

For convenient and efficient home and office cleaning services, there's only one name you need to know - Carpet Cleaning San Diego - 619-573-4541.

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