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Proven Steam Cleaner Tools

If you compare the Carpet Cleaning San Diego steam cleaning tools that are used in the domestic and commercial cleaning services, you will soon begin to understand and appreciate the big difference.

Our tools and equipment are not only efficient and effective but they are reliable, neat and clean. The tool we use depend on the job at hand. Many of the steam cleaners that we use are multifunctional and all take into account the deep penetration that is needed to combat allergies and asthma whether in the home or office.

From nozzles, to jet brushes, rotating brushes to soft brushes, our steam cleaner tools and cleaning equipment are truly versatile. We use steam cleaners that can either give a wet or dry clean depending on the composition of the fibers and type of hairs. Some of our steam cleaning tools cleaning equipment is used to recycle water and avoid unnecessary waste and of course avoiding any damage to the environment. We have separate compartments for the detergent and the water so you can always choose a detergent free clean if the situation demands it.

Today, many consumers are mistaken in thinking that by investing in a domestic steam carpet cleaning machine they can avoid the costs of professional carpet cleaning equipment. Well this is definitely not the case. In short there is no end to the versatility of our steam cleaning tools and this is just another reason to use our reliable efficient services at Carpet Cleaning San Diego.

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